How to make a tristring

A tristring is a great and simple tool to make big soap bubbles. Here you can see big bubbles made by using a tristring. Here you can see more images of big soap bubbles. The largest are made with a tristring.

IMG_0641 IMG_0640 IMG_0645


See how to use the tristring in the movie here

The tristring is invented by the toy inventer Kalvin Klundt and has been sold in toy stores, but you can easily make your own.

You will need:

  • Two sticks, e.g. 20 inch flower sticks
  • Thick cotton strings with a length of ca. 6 feet (the string should not be too thin)
  • Two rubber bands
  • Soap bubble liquid


Here is how to build it.

Tie the ends of the string to form a ring. Place the rubber band on the stick end and place a small loop of the string on the top of the rubber band on the stick.


Wrap the rubber band around the string many times and fasten the rubber band to the stick.

tristring3   tristring4

Tie the other stick to the string in the same way ca. a third of the way around the loop (see the photo). Now your tristring is ready for use!


Think about

  • If you let children use the tristring, please make sure that they do not get the sticks in their eyes.
  • For good results your soap bubble liquid is important. You can for example use our recipe.
  • The tristring can be used for making big bubbles, but also for making many small bubbles. does not take responsibility for any use of tristings made by using this description.