How to make a soap bubble light table

To study the colors of a soap bubble it is great to have a light table (See a light table in action here), and it is easy to make it.

You will need:

  • A plastic box
  • A white plastic bag
  • A large rubber band
  • A mounting with a wire
  • An energy-saving bulb (IMPORTANT: use a bulb that will not get too hot)
  • Soap bubble juice and a straw

Make sure to check how hot the light bulb gets when you do the experiment, so that the plastic box is not melting.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the electrical parts (wire, mounting and bulb) does not get in contact with the soap bubble juice


Here is how to do it

Put the bulb in the box and lead the wire out (if possible through the a hole in the box, see the photo below)

Place the plastic bag on the top of the box and led the rubber band hold it. Stretch the plastic bag to make a smooth surface.

Turn on the light and make the top surface of the plastic bag wet. Now you are ready to make beautiful soap bubbles on our light table.

Think about this

  • To extent the lifetime of the bubbles is important to use a good soap bubble juice (You can use this one)
  • The colors are best seen in a fully dark room and from the side (at the same hight as the edge of the box)
  • Try out blowing on the bubble and see the dynamics of the bubble colors
  • Notice that the colors you see are from the back side of the soap bubble.
  • With the straw you can also make small bubbles inside a big one on the table

Any use of this description on your own responsibility.