Soap bubbles are beautiful, fun and filled with sciences (and air).
Bubble tricks
Learn all the tricks for how to make your own great soap bubbles.
Bubble science
Read about all the science that makes soap bubbles possible.
Bubble pictures
Pictures and videos of soap bubbles: Big, beautiful and fun bubbles.

Welcome to our site about soap bubbles, bubble tricks and bubble science

If you want to get started making your own soap bubbles, then click Bubble Tricks. Here you can get formulas for making a god soap bubble liquid and some ideas on how to make the bubbles. If you a looking for explanations for some soap bubble phenomena, then click Bubble Science. Here we explain the physical principles of soap films and bubbles, for example about their colors and shapes. If you are looking for inspiration and want to see pictures an movies of soap bubbles, then click Bubble pictures and movies.

Icons by David Ferreira from WPZOOM.